Fire devil stone

DUUV has developed a pizza stone for the fire devil which has to be used in combination with the DUUV dome. It makes it possible to bake the most delicious fresh pizzas on wood or briquettes in just several minutes. And that in your own garden, chalet or porch.

For the preparation of pizzas you start with removing the cooking rings of the fire devil. Then you put the stone in the fire devil. Be sure the stone is dry! Put the fire devil dome over the stone, to maintain the heat. Make a little fire inside the fire devil. It is important that you slowly heat it up, to prevent large differences in temperature and to prevent the stone from bursting! When the temperature indicated on the dome rises, you can slowly enlarge the fire mass. The ideal baking temperature is approx 175 degrees. At that time the stone itself has reached a temperature of 350 dergrees! If the temperature indicated on the dome is much higher than 175 degrees, you run the risk your pizza paste will burn and your pizza will turn black.
We advise you to prepare your fresh pizza on a plate. Lift the dome and place the pizza with a pizza slice on the stone, then immediately close the dome. Keeping the heat inside the dome is essential for baking a fine pizza. In this way your pizza is ready within only minutes, if taking in consideration the advised temperature. For a good result you should replace the pizza several times with a slice, by lifting and closing the dome quickly. Always wear oven gloves as the dome will turn hot.
After practising and 1 or 2 black pizzas, you will soon know how to bake an excellent pizza. At our recipes page you find easy basic tips for a fine pizza paste (in order to make thin pizza bases) and a delicious pizza sauce. For the best cooking process we advise you to not top the pizza with too many ingredients, otherwise your topping will be raw while your paste is ready to eat. Remember…even the Itialians prefer their pizza thinly topped!

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