Fire tripod

The DUUV fire tripod is especialy developed to hang the DUUV fire cauldron above the fire pit. The fire tripod is very solid like all other products of DUUV. It is equipped with a heavy chain. At the bottom of the chain a S bow is attached, in order to hang the fire cauldron at all possible height above the fire. The fire tripod has nice details. On top there is a handle, which makes a 360 degrees rotation possible.


The fire tripod is not treated after production, so it will oxidize in time. The rust formation will not affect the stability of the fire tripod, nor its life. The three legs have round plates at the bottom, which guarantee the stability of this tripod under all circumstances. The DUUV fire tripod has some nice details.


The DUUV fire tripod is made of steel tubes and a steel upper plate with a 5 mm thickness. Therefore you can put a heavy weight on it. The chain is made of steel which will oxidize in time or turn black. Because of its thickness (6 mm) the rust formation on the chain will not affect its strength. The fire tripod can be used immediately.


Folded the fire tripod has a length of about 185 cm. Unfolded the distance between the legs is approximately 100 cm. The fire tripod weighs about 10 kilograms and can be called ‘robust’.


The DUUV fire tripod needs no maintenance. This untreated product of steel will oxidize completely in the short term.

DUUV has developed the fire tripod especialy in combination with the fire pit and the fire cauldron. You can check the productphotos of the DUUV fire set, for an impression of the combination of these products.


€ 179,- delivery costs excluded

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