Fire devil dome

This dome has been developed to use the fire devil as a perfect barbecue and pizza oven. The dome can easily be used to keep meat or other products juicy on the DUUV grill. In combination with the DUUV pizza stone the dome creates a oven function. The dome must be placed on top of the fire devil, covering the grill or pizza stone. Also for this product DUUV has chosen for style, quality and detail; the dome has a nice design and is equipped with a thermometer and a heat-resistant felt.


The dome extends possibilities of the use of the fire devil. When you use the dome over the DUUV grill (barbecue function) certain products, like f.e. beef and chicken, will stay more juicy. That is because the dome holds the heath and circulates warm air through its round shape. It is also possible to bake fresh pizzas by using the dome. You cover the DUUV pizza stone by putting the dome over it, in that way the heat is kept inside. We refer to the product characteristics of the DUUV pizza stone for tips how to bake pizzas!

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