Fire devil

The fire devil is a heat source on wood or briquettes which was used in former days to prepare food and to heat a small space. DUUV has adapted it and brought it back to life. The fire devil is a small stove to prepare soup, pancakes for the kids, heat warm chocolate or bake a delicious fish. You can also use this compact stove as a pleasant heat source.


The DUUV fire devil is completely made of steel. Besides a small door for putting in wood (small parts of approximately 20 cm) the fire devil consists of an ashtray, removable cooking rings, a grill and a metal inner box. Because of this box there is a good heat distribution and burning. The fire devil comes with a key to open the first ring, a 1 meter stovepipe (90 mm) and two curves of 90 degrees. Therefore the fire devil is ready to use immediately.
Depending on the desired cooking temperature, you can chose whether to take out 1 or more rings. If flames reach the cooking pan directly, the temperature will obviously be higher. How many rings you get out depends on the size of the cooking pan. The fire devil disposes of two handels.

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