Fire cauldron

Cooking in cast iron pans is healty. The DUUV enamelled cast iron fire cauldron guarantees an even and gradual heat distribution and optimizes the release of flavors and aromas. The DUUV fire cauldron has been developed to be hung over and heated by an open fire. It has a robust and fine look. Besides a quality product to cook your plates in, it is a jewel for your garden or home and it will impress your guests!


The DUUV fire cauldron is made of high standard cast iron with a side thickness of 6 mm. Because of its shape, the necessary side thickness and the material (cast iron), the cauldron has a relatively high weight of about 10 kilograms (its cover excluded). The fire cauldron is packed and shipped in a wooden box. This box (crate) can be used as a storage in your barn or home.

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