Fire pit

The DUUV fire pit can be used in different ways. It is developed to be placed under the DUUV fire tripod and to heat the DUUV fire cauldron. Of course the fire pit can also be used as stove/heat source.


This fire pit has a timeless design. Because of its shape there is an optimal heating process. A covered water drainage makes there will be no water left inside the fire pit after rain. Like the DUUV fire tripod the fire pit has three legs. The fire pit has three strong rings to lift and replace it with. This DUUV product of high quality can be used immediately.


The DUUV fire pit is made of 3 mm thick steel. During its production process oil is used to prevent it from corrosion. At the moment of delivery the fire pit still has a thin oil layer of which you should take notice while replacing the fire pit. When times passes by the oil layer will disappear because of rain, wind and fire. The fire pit will oxidize. However, because of the side thickness (3 mm) the DUUV fire pit will last for at least 10 years in your garden. When you put the fire pit directly on your lawn, the grass under the fire pit might get burned because of the heat.


The fire pit has a diameter of 83 cm. Its height is approximately 35 cm and it stands about 15 cm above ground. The massive fire pit has a weight of about 20 kilograms.


The DUUV fire pit needs no maintenance. It will oxidize completely in the long term.


€ 389,- delivery costs excluded

DUUV has developed the fire pit to be combined with the DUUV fire blow poker. The fire pit fits under the DUUV fire tripod.

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