Fire devil grill

This grill fits the DUUV fire devil exactly. It is ideal to bake plates on a base of meat, fish and vegetables. Simply remove the cooking rings of the fire devil and place the grill in it. You can use wood as well as briquettes. The fire devil with its function of barbecue has the great advantage that it causes less smoke because of the stove pipe.

The fire devil grill is a product made of steel. You can chose whether to use wood or briquettes. This does not affect the durability of the grill or fire devil.


The fire devil grill is a product made of steel. The outside border of the grill has the same diameter as the outside cooking ring of the fire devil and has the same thickness of 6 mm. The steel bars of the grill have a width of 4 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. The top of the grill is flat and fits exactly in the fire devil. In normal use the DUUV fire devil grill is indestructible.


The fire devil grill weighs approximately 2,5 kilograms and has a diameter of about 35 cm.


The fire devil grill needs hardly any maintenance. After use you have to dispose of the food residues with a brush. If you do not want to get the grill rusted, you have to clean the grill after use and grease it with oil. After using the grill more often, you will see that a thin layer of fat will burn in it, so it will be less necessary to grease it time and time again.


€ 79,- delivery costs excluded

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