We offer you accessories that can be useful when using the various DUUV fire products; such as a small cast iron pan from the brand LODGE.

LODGE Logic Skillet 12 cm

The Lodge Skillet is made of cast iron. Cast iron is a very good heat conductor, this material ensures that the pan can reach high temperatures. Ideal for searing meat! The material also retains its heat for a long time, so you can temper the heat source once the pan is hot. By burning the skillet in before use a natural non-stick coating is automatically created. Cast iron pans will last a lifetime if used properly. This Lodge Skillet has a diameter of 12cm. Perfect as a mini pan for, for example, an egg or a small pancake. Place several of these small pans on the fire devil and you can enjoy a gourmet meal together! The Lodge Skillet is not suitable for the dishwasher. Clean the pan only with hot water and dry thoroughly after use. Price: € 22,00 each. Ask about our special set price when ordering a DUUV fire devil.


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