Fire grill

The DUUV fire grill is specialy developed for the DUUV fire pit and fire blow poker. This grill, made of forged iron, can easily be placed in the fire pit and it results in a nice barbecue. This product is robust and indestructible. Like all other products of DUUV the fire grill has a high quality.


Compared to other barbecues the heat under the grill is not influenced by putting the grill higher or lower above the fire. Instead, you use the fire blow poker to push more or less glowing wood or briquettes under the grill. By using the DUUV fire grill combined with the fire plate you can prepare several different products at the same time, which is a great advantage.


The fire grill is made from metal strips of 40 mm x 8 mm and bars with a diameter of 10 mm. The handle of the grill is constructed from a metal ring, similar to the rings/handles of the DUUV fire pit. In normal use the DUUV fire grill simply is indestructible.


The DUUV fire grill is half a circle with a diameter of approximately 75 cm. The fire grill weighs about 10 kilograms.


The DUUV fire grill needs hardly any maintenance. After use you have to dispose of the food residues with a brush. If you do not want to get the grill rusted, you have to clean the grill after use and grease it with oil. After using the grill more often, you will see that a thin layer of fat will burn in it, so it will be less necessary to grease it time and time again.


€ 129,- delivery costs excluded
The fire grill has to be combined with the DUUV fire pit and fire blow poker.

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