Mussels à la Duuv

(for 4 persons)

– 4 kg of fresh mussels
– 400 gr fresh vegetables (leek, cauliflower, carrot, onion, celery)

– 250 ml sour cream for hot dishes
– approx. 400 ml  of dry white wine

preparation time 20 minutes

Rinse the mussels thoroughly in cold water and remove open and damaged shells. Put the mussels with hanging water in the fire cauldron of DUUV. Add the vegetables and wine. Hang the cauldron above the fire. Stir the mussels, vegetables and the liquid once in a while and make sure the vegetables are well devided. Slide the mussels to one side of the cauldron as soon as the liquid rises. Add the cream to the boiling liquid and stir it so it will dissolve. Then spoon the total around very well, a few times. Make the liquid rise once more. Determine the temperature by hanging the cauldron higher or lower above the open fire. The mussels are ready when they are open (do not eat mussels which stay closed). Mussels are very delicious with bread and herb butter. Do not forget to put a good bottle of dry white wine on the table! Bon appetit.