Fire devil barrel smoker

This solid barrel smoker (made of 3 mm stainless steel) can easily be placed on the fire devil after removing its rings. By heating the fire devil the reservoir of the barrel smoker is heated, which is the basis of smoking plates. After cooking, the traditional process of smoking fish, meat, chicken or cheese can begin, with the help of smoke moth. You can easily put in smoke moth by using the small door. The moth will start to burn on the hot plate (4 mm). The smoking process has begun. After the use of the barrel smoker you can lift it of the fire devil.


The barrel smoker is an accessory of the DUUV fire devil. In addition to functionality, DUUV fire products attaches great importance to the shape, appearance and durability of its products. This also applies to the barrel smoker. You will find many details and characteristics of the fire devil in the barrel smoker. The barrel smoker can be used to cook and smoke all kind of products. Cooking can be done from 30 up to 100 degrees. This temperature can be regulated by the amount of fire in the fire devil and the control of air in the barrel smoker. The barrel smoker is heated indirectly as its bottom is closed. As a consequence the fire does not reach the products. The purpose of the small door is to add smoke moth, which gives the special taste to products (smoke moth can be bought in all kind of flavours). The temperature can be controlled by a well isolated and high-quality thermometer. The cover of the barrel smoker has a venting mechanism. The barrel smoker is 60 cm high. The barrel smoker has a removable grill and skewers inside, made of stainless steel.


The steel fire devil barrel smoker has a relatively robust thickness of 3 mm. The bottom plate even has a thickness of 4 mm. Just under the cover, which has as venting mechanism, there are removable skewers made of stainless steel. These skewers can easily be taken out of the barrel smoker by using a handle. There are 8 spots to be used for hanging products (like fish). Products can also be placed on a grill, made of stainless steel as well, which comes with the barrel smoker. The barrel smoker is treated with a matte black heat-resistant paint, just like the fire devil.


The fire devil barrel smoker is 60 cm high and has a diameter of 35 cm. The total weight is about 20 kilograms.


The DUUV barrel smoker needs hardly any maintenance. In favour of life and in order to reduce the risk of rust formation, we advise you to put the barrel smoker away in a dry place after use. The dripping that could stay behind on the barrel smoker, can be removed with hot water and some detergent. However this is not necessary…please keep in mind that the barrel smoker is a real utensil!


€ 389,- including delivery costs

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